Addedo DLfC

The DLfC is an IBM Cognos Controller specific tool to load data from your ERP solution into the IBM Cognos Controller.

DLfC - Data Loader for IBM Cognos Controller

The user selects, via the DLfC, the period / actuality opened in the IBM Cognos Controller, the companies authorized for him and the form to be filled, and starts the loading process. The selected parameters are transferred to the ERP (feeder system) and the data are read. These are then converted into the desired target structure via the mapping tables and transferred to the IBM Cognos Controller.


DLfC is able to load several forms of a whole group in minutes. This significantly reduces the reporting process.

financial suite - suite finance
Daten quality

DLfC transmits the data present in the feeder system (ERP) and displays any deficiencies in the data quality at any time. This will improve the data quality of your ERP system in the long term.


DLfC logs the individual dataloads and it is at all times comprehensible, who has loaded when and what.

financial suite

ICS is becoming more and more a requirement in companies. The DLfC supports you. There are no FlatFiles anymore.

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