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As requirements become ever more demanding, capital markets and legislatures ensure that group accounting becomes an ever more complicated affair. At the same time, companies operating internationally are required to adapt their products and services to meet the requirements of a global market and to be constantly developing fresh channels for their sales. As an independent partner, Addedo can provide you with individually-tailored support in the specialist fields of: Group accounting/consolidation, Reporting and corporate planning and Introduction of management information systems.

Thanks to the wealth of experience we have built up in this field over the years, we are in a position to offer more than 500 major companies all-round added value.
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finance expertise - Talentia CPM

Talentia CPM

As a finance professional you are faced with numerous challenges: Enabling forecast management and predictive modeling; controlling risks and ensuring internal control; reducing time and cost to produce results; managing financial performance; making timely decisions based on the right KPIs; optimizing and managing cashflow; being compliant with legislation; aligning operational and strategic goals.

The Talentia CPM solutions cover the entire financial sphere, giving you an integrated overview of your information, allowing you to analyze the detail, produce results and make decisions more swiftly, and make your organization more collaborative.

Talentia Finance - Financial Suite - finance expertise

IBM Cognos

The IBM Cognos product family includes customized integrated solutions for your business. The solutions are scalable and can be deployed in different sized environments.Leading companies from around the world choose IBM Cognos Business Analytics solutions for business intelligence, financial analysis and financial performance management.

Addedo is IBM Premier Partner for many years:

  • IBM Cognos Controller
  • IBM Planning Analytics (IBM Cognos TM1)
  • IBM Cognos Analytics (IBM Cognos BI)

Current software versions

We would like to inform you of the constant changes in the development of software products. If you are interested or if you have any questions about an update, please do not hesitate to contact us. Please contact us !