Software Operation

Addedo offers its customers several options. You can obtain the software as a cloud service or you can host the existing solution in a local data center.

We offer the following options:

  • Infrastructure Services
  • On-Premise
  • SaaS mode (Cloud)

Whether you would like to run your software in the cloud or in ist own infrastructure – we ensure that it is reliable , secure and efficient .

With tailor-made single services, we support you in installing and building the necessary IT infrastructures to operate our solutions

  • We work closely with your IT department
  • we offer flexible and optimally tailored services
  • We also support the development of IT infrastructures for mobile access

In the case of an on-premise operation, we coordinate the installation with your IT department and provide input for setting up the necessary infrastructure for a smooth operation of your solution (s). You have purchased a software from us and are operating it locally on your own hardware infrastructure.

Advantages of on-premise solutions

  • One-off costs
  • Maximum data control
  • Entire IT infrastructure in its own hands

Disadvantages of on-premise solutions

  • Higher effort to operate the IT infrastructure
  • Updates are not automatic

Addedo offers its customers several options for operation of IBM Cognos or Talentia Software. Of course you can obtain the software as a cloud service.

This includes:

  • We offer a transparent and well- plannable cost model
  • High safety standards
  • Stability and Performance