Financial analytics solutions with Talentia software

Financial analytics solutions solve many of the problems associated with financial management, and help to streamline processes and even automate them, and keep data secure.

Why choose financial analytics solutions from Talentia?

In today's connected and collaborative world, managing corporate financial accounts can be a challenge, especially in a larger corporation dealing in big data and complex accounting processes. The once reliable spreadsheet is now open to vulnerabilities such as poor data integrity, broken links and problems with version management and control.

Talentia Software is a leading-edge IT solutions provider, specialising in helping businesses to manage their financial performance with robust and efficient software solutions. Talentia’s CPM software is designed to take the uncertainty, data risks and inconsistencies out of your financial processes and give you confidence in your numbers. When you need to know exactly where your company stands on a financial level, Talentia’s CPM software will give you that data accurately and efficiently.

Here are just some of the areas addressed by Talentia’s financial analytics solutions:

  • Statutory consolidation
  • Management and financial reporting
  • Financial Planning
  • Budget & forecast
  • Intercompany reconciliation

Instant access to Business Intelligence

Talentia’s financial analytics solutions are all accessible online, giving you complete control over how, where and when you access your data. This is most beneficial when you need key information away from the office, or when you need to make important decisions based on your latest financial information. With Talentia’s CPM software at your desktop, or in your pocket, you will always be on top of the latest business intelligence, and able to make informed and accurate decisions that benefit your business.

Full audit trail available

Every corporation, regardless of size or type, is open to scrutiny and investigation at some point in the financial year, and this will require you to provide access to key financial data. Being able to track and trace the lifecycle of data within your financial analytics solutions is essential, especially when you need to provide evidence for an external audit, or provide detailed information to the Board. Talentia’s CPM software gives you instant access and complete transparency when you need it the most.

Confidence in your financial data

Talentia financial analytics solutions give you complete control and complete visibility over your financial data and operations. Whether you choose Talentia Cloud, or you would prefer to host Talentia CPM software on your own in-house servers, Talentia will ensure that the software you choose fits with your IT strategy, and your business operations now and going forward. Get in touch with us today to find out more about our financial analytics solutions, and how they could benefit your business.

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