Streamline and collaborate with consolidation management software

Legacy software approaches to financial management can bring a lot of unnecessary risk to a business. If you are using multiple systems for business data, you could be causing breakdowns in communication, collaboration and productivity. There is a solution, and it lies in the form of a centralised approach to consolidation management software. Here at Talentia, we offer a complete suite of software solutions designed to consolidate and enhance many of your day to day processes.

Unified corporate performance at the touch of a button

With Talentia consolidation management software installed and configured across your organisation, you can improve the way you work whether your employees are in a local office or situated around the world. Our systems work in the cloud or on your own internet-connected servers. We give you complete control over your system, and we'll manage everything for you including hosting, training and upgrades.

Talentia consolidation management software grows with you do. As your businesses processes evolve or your business structure changes, your system will naturally evolve with you. We can add modules along the way, and we'll also ensure you are not paying for software you will never use. If you have been considering a consolidation management software solution, let Talentia help. We have years of experience, and we would be delighted to speak to you today.

Reduce the risk and increase productivity

Contact Talentia today to find out more about our consolidation management software solutions, and how you can ensure your business is always using accurate data, and that it is easy to manage. We would be delighted to show you a demo at your convenience, and to provide you with a cost effective quote.

From adding forecast data to producing analytical reports to the board, our consolidation management software can be streamlined to suit your business, and tailored to your business goals. Talentia CPM and HCM solutions are designed to help you reach these goals more easily, faster and with less overhead. Process-driven workflows, robust automation and stringent controls help you to stay on top of financial processes and ensure you get the best return on your investment.

To permanently have the skills required by their needs is a major concern for all companies; hence, Talentia's service offer complies with the expectations of companies from various fields only to mention payroll and personnel administration software, compensation management software, onboarding software, career management software, training management software, time management, activities and planning software, etc. Talentia is a leading company on the European market of business management solutions editing, providing an relevant response to the expectations of SMEs as well as small and intermediate companies and big companies. Finance manager also have their dedicated tools; also find in Talentia product range a comprehensive range of solutions including the main modules: reporting, consolidation, budget, accounting and financial management, etc. and compliant with the rules.