Choosing the right cashflow management solution

If you are currently working with huge spreadsheets full of complex formulas and historical data, it's time to change the way you work. Spreadsheets can corrupt easily, human error can make data practically useless, and reporting from so many sources can be a logistical nightmare. What the right cashflow management solution offer is the ability to centralise this data in one place, improving data entry, collaboration and reporting in one go.

Knowing your cashflow position is essential to the successful running of any business. When you know the money you have coming in you are in a better position to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your business, and to make informed and accurate decisions based on the data you have available. Choosing the right cashflow management solution is key, and at Talentia we offer a range of CPM solutions designed to give you access to critical financial data when you need it.

Complex formulas replaced by logical rules

Whether you are planning, budgeting or forecasting, you are going to be working with large sets of critical data. Talentia offers a cash flow management solution which consolidates this data and ensures that it is easy to access, update and manage. All data is held online, and can be accessed from any internet connection. It's the perfect solution for mobile finance teams, outsourced teams and home workers.

Any changes in the financial structure of your organisation can be easily applied across the system, and we can customise your cashflow management solution to suit your exact needs. We also offer training and a complete handover once your solution has been installed. You can also choose to have your software installed in the cloud, or on your own servers. Talentia really does offer a bespoke cashflow management solution.

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Here at Talentia, we understand the challenges that all businesses face when collating financial data. We give you total control over the management of this data with one centralised platform which reduces risk, and improves productivity and decision making. Speak to our helpful and friendly team today to find out about our leading cashflow management solution.

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