At Talentia Software, expertise is part of the Group’s DNA.

For over 25 years, we have specialized in two key business lines – Finance (accounting, budgeting, reporting, consolidation) and Human Resources (payroll, HR and talent management).

Specialization enables Talentia to offer a very high level of expertise supported by a strategy of consistent growth and development.

We continue to strengthen our offering by introducing new added value solutions to better manage financial performance and human capital.

Being an expert means understanding the challenges facing your business and providing the right responses through collaborative, adaptive and controlled information systems, to make the best decisions at the right time.

Being an expert also means mastering new technologies and anticipating new trends. Our research and developer team specialize in Java, J2EE, Oracle, Microsoft and .Net languages and our development and quality processes are clearly defined and are ISO 9001 certified for our Talentia HCM solutions.

Finally, being an expert means taking part in key debates such as the growth of our economies and the competitive-edge of the companies that comprise them. We reflect on subjects that affect everyday life and how people consume information.

The technology industry is undergoing radical change, with excellent opportunities to transform quickly and effectively.

However there are many challenges, including:

  • The integration of multi-device usage, with a trend towards greater collaboration and communication, new ways of working promoted by technological advancements, particularly the adoption of mobile devices
  • Taking Big Data into account, which, through powerful analysis, deliver s greater value. Our intuitive solutions enable important analysis of data to save time and aid decision-making
  • The dawning of new HR practices (link to page 7), with increased focus on the attraction, retention and development of key people. The competitive advantage of businesses depends on their capacity to be able to recruit, develop and retain talent. OurHCM solutions help human resources professionals and line managers to drive the HR strategy which underpins successful forward-thinking businesses.
You have the projects, we have the expertise: Together we are better!