version 8 of the solution Talentia Financial Performance

version 8 of the solution Talentia Financial Performance

Talentia Software announces version 8 of its solution Talentia Financial Performance
New budgetary simulation and analysis tools to enhance the benchmark solution in terms of reporting, budgeting, forecasting and consolidation.

Talentia Software, a publisher of specialised software to manage corporate operational performance, announces the availability of version 8 of its Talentia Financial Performance solution, which groups together Talentia Budgeting & Planning and Talentia Consolidation & Reporting, previously marketed under the name of Talentia CPM.

A Full financial performance management solution

Talentia Financial Performance is a comprehensive and collaborative financial performance management offer to cover all of an organisation’s management and planning requirements in the short, medium and long term.

The new version 8 incorporates new budget simulation tools that go much further in terms of forecasting. It is able to project an organisation into the future by comparing and assessing various strategic scenarios, taking into account several assumptions, different characteristics, conditions or rates, while integrating data history to develop forecasts.

The new version includes new “Breakback”-type modelling and calculation features that enable mass changes to large aggregates in order to quickly model the impact of changes in business principles and logic, and to observe the effects of these changes in real time.

“Finance departments are faced with the necessity of producing more and more structured data within shorter time frames. This production in organisations calls for increasingly stronger collaborative requirements with an ever-greater focus on data security and continuity. In order to meet all these challenges, be more effective and effectively manage its organisation without incurring risk, it is essential to use a dedicated solution,” said Philippe Perier, CTO of Talentia Software.

“To govern is to plan. And that is just as true for companies that are in vital need of reliable information and forecasts on their future based on the assumptions and strategies they plan to implement. By working on version 8 of our Talentia Financial Performance solution, we wanted to provide all our clients with forecasting tools making it possible to perform real budget simulations in the short, medium and long term. Our solutions don’t forecast the future, but more importantly, they enable clients to decide on the future.”

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Philippe Perier, CTO of Talentia Software

These solutions dedicated to budgeting and planning, to consolidation and reporting, are now included in the Group’s Finance range, which enables companies to manage all aspects of their financial performance.

Full-web On Premise or SaaS solutions to manage and optimise financial performance

Talentia Financial Performance is a modular solution offering the full set of budgeting tools, with simulation modules and tools to improve forecasting intelligence, and with strategic financial reporting tools relying on data analysis systems (Business Intelligence) and statutory consolidation systems, by business and by consolidation standards (CRC 99-02, IFRS, etc.).

It is available in SaaS or licence mode, with a full range of hosting solutions in Europe.

Talentia Financial Performance includes two products that can be purchased separately:

Talentia Budgeting & Planning covers all key stages of the process, ranging from collection to the automation of forecasts, including the aggregation of budgets and the recovery of information enabling a thorough analysis of performance. It allows companies to easily model their management rules based on the organisation of their activities, and to make its forecasting reliable in a collaborative work environment.

The Talentia Consolidation & Reporting statutory consolidation solution is a tool including a full pre-configuration in line with local and international consolidation standards. It can be used to analyse and simulates financial statements while ensuring the comprehensiveness and quality of financial information.

A solution opened to all aspects

The solution relies on a centralised repository and offers complete visibility of the company’s situation in real time, making it possible to combine decision-making and forecasting aspects for quick and optimum decision-making. Talentia Finance Performance is now open and able to interact with HR environments, investments and even project management to cover with even greater ease the various aspects of corporate management within a single solution.

Adapting to the continuous changes in IFRS standards and the main European GAAPs, the solution is also perfectly integrated with the different accounting solutions on the market and their modular approaches enable them to meet user requirements and priorities.

A benchmark solution

Talentia Financial Performance (previously Talentia CPM) is a leading benchmark solution, the only French solution featured in the Gartner Magic Quadrant, which has served more than 4,000 users for more than 10 years. It relies on a web interface that helps to structure daily work with easy navigation in the different areas of finance, whether at a fixed work station or when travelling. It was designed to encourage collaborative work within the department and with decentralised business units or subsidiaries.

Modular and flexible implementation

By way of its modular design, the solution can meet all the specific requirements of business leaders and financiers. It can be delivered with several industry area settings (bank, medical-social or insurance, for example) to adapt to all sectors of activity. It is designed to help large SMEs, mid-cap companies and large corporations to improve their operational performance.

The purpose of the solution is to simplify the everyday life of all stakeholders working in finance, to help them save time, and to secure and transform their data into financial information with high added value.


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