Talentia Software: Turnover and Earnings Up

Talentia Software: Turnover and Earnings Up

Talentia Software: Turnover and Earnings Up.
Dynamic confirmed on Publishing turnover and SaaS. Rebalancing between software and services, in France and internationally.

Talentia Software, a leading publisher and integrator of specialised software for managing companies’ Operational Performance, announces a rise in its overall turnover of 1.2%, to € 54.3M, matching the Group’s forecasts. The EBITDA is at € 10.3M compared with € 10.1M in 2013. (Unaudited figures)

“Our earnings are in line with our targets, for the eighth consecutive year, despite an economy still unfavourably impacted by the crisis; these earnings validate the Talentia Software Group’s strategic decisions,” according to Bernard Peugnet, Group CFO. “Our subsidiaries are moving ahead steadily and provide the necessary foundation on which we can base our future growth with our product line which, thanks to our 90 European engineers in our R&D department, is constantly evolving to suit the market needs.”
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Bernard Peugnet, Group CFO
Start of a readjustment: France / International and Software / Services

Historically present in France with both software-solution publishing and services, Talentia Software is now undertaking a strategic readjustment with two main focuses: an international growth dynamic that is both organic and open to acquisition possibilities, and progress in its core business, the development and publishing of software solutions for all markets in which the Group operates.

This readjustment began in 2014 with the international share at 24.8% of turnover, which is expected to double in the medium term, whereas licence sales are up 6.6% overall (and 7.3% in France), with a growth in turnover from recurrent activities going from 25.1 to 25.7M euros (+2.3%), and in particular continued growth in SaaS, which rose by 10.3% to more than 6.6M euros.

A Complete, Modular Line of Solutions

Now with a complete line of solutions meeting the needs of SMEs, major accounts and specially intermediate-sized enterprises, core Talentia Software’s expertise, the Group is continuing its growth in two strategic product lines with definite international potential: Talentia CPM, which complements the Talentia Finance and Talentia HCM offer, which has advanced human-capital-management functions that perfectly match the Talentia HR solution.

These completely modular Talentia Software solutions, perfectly suited to clients’ needs, are available in all the major European languages under a licence or in SaaS mode with solutions based on the Cloud and managed services.

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