Talentia Software boosts its international roll-out and  development

Talentia Software boosts its international roll-out and development

Talentia Software boosts its international roll-out and

Global Partner Channel: a business unit dedicated to partnerships and the indirect network

Talentia Software, a publisher and integrator of specialised operational performance management software, announces the creation of the Global Partner Channel business unit to manage its indirect network and strategic partnerships with a view to strengthening its international presence and boosting its organic growth.

In keeping with its medium-term goal to become a key European player in business software offering operational performance management solutions, the Talentia Software Group, which changed its shareholder structure in 2016, is speeding up its development by implementing an ambitious partnership programme to strengthen its presence in regions where it already operates through subsidiaries, while also signing agreements in other countries to target new markets.

Global Partner Channel: A new business unit to generate organic growth

With a dedicated team of some ten people spread across Europe, Talentia Software clearly asserts its goal to build a network of partners with different levels of commitment and targets in the short term: consultancy firms, value-added resellers, integrators and even technological partners.

This community is trained to use Talentia Software solutions in the areas of financial performance management, HR and talent management, in order to be able to quickly target the markets in which Talentia Software does not operate directly, or to roll out its business more quickly in areas where the Group is already established, by expanding its ecosystem.

Integrator partners are currently being recruited in order to assemble teams dedicated to the roll-out of Talentia Software solutions with a view to ultimately developing a comprehensive network spanning all its markets. That will strengthen the geographical proximity with the Group’s customers, and ensure a more informed understanding of user expectations in countries where the group has no subsidiaries.

“Whereas we were a publisher operating only in France a few years ago, we now generate 25% of our revenue abroad. The Global Partner Channel is one of the channels that will enable us to speed up the group’s development across new regions, to target new markets with our solutions, and to generate organic, profitable and fast growth for Talentia Software.

It is an ambitious programme that we will carry out in stages, with a practical approach, and which will benefit the entire ecosystem of resellers and integrators which will now be able to offer our solutions with very high added value, that were until now marketed directly by the Group only,”
 said Franck Boutboul, COO of Talentia Software.

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Franck Boutboul, COO of Talentia Software
Agreements have already been signed

As announced on 17 May 2016, a major partnership agreement has been signed with Zucchetti, the undisputed leader in HR solutions in Italy, which has an installed base of 105,000 customers. Zucchetti will market the Talentia HCM talent management solution among users of its payroll and employee administrative management offers. As such, highly complementary integrated business solutions will be offered to the Italian market.

Another partnership has been signed in Serbia; further details will be revealed shortly. Other discussions are under way and further major agreements are expected to be signed by the end of the year. Furthermore, in all countries where the Group already operates, partnerships have been signed with companies which have joined this programme to further build the capacity to implement Talentia solutions in its markets while providing the necessary support and consultancy services.

Ambitious targets

As part of the global strategy of Talentia Software, which aims to innovate while ensuring its roll-out and growth abroad, the Global Partner Channel business unit is one of the strategic pillars for the Group’s organic growth. In an environment where Talentia Software strives to double its revenue within the next five years, this BU should contribute to 30% of the Group’s revenue by the end of 2019.


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