Talentia Software announces launch in France of Talentia HCM, An array of HRIS solutions serving Human Capital Management

Talentia Software announces launch in France of Talentia HCM, An array of HRIS solutions serving Human Capital Management

Talentia Software, a publisher and integrator of specialised software for managing Financial Performance and Human Capital, announces the launch in France of Talentia HCM.In February 2013, the company expanded its European presence and know-how to talent management by acquiring Cezanne Software Holding Ltd, a European publisher specializing in human-resources and human-capital management with solutions acclaimed by more than 700 clients worldwide.

Completely complementary to Talentia’s range of products and services, already oriented primarily towards performance management (Corporate Performance Management) with solutions in Consolidation, Reporting, Budget, Payroll and HR, Talentia HCM brings a new dimension to the management of Human Resources and Talents at the core of corporate strategy.

Human Capital Performance Management

At a time when people are the focus of strategies in national and international organisations that have to better manage, motivate and develop their employees in mobile environments requiring performance and excellence, Talentia HCM brings an effective and intuitive response to HRMs who are also facing the challenges of the race to profitability and digital transformation.

Capitalising on the software developed by Cezanne Software Holding Ltd, the emulation created by the merger of the group’s R&D teams, and the expertise of its consultants who for 25 years now have perfectly understood the business issues of HRMs, Talentia Software is today launching Talentia HCM, an innovative solution, completely modular and upgradable, equipped with broad functional coverage and adapted to each local context for national and international deployment.

Available in both license and SaaS modes, Talentia HCM gives HRMs the multifunctional tools to better support the development of their Human Capital.

Human Resources departments have to deal with increasingly significant issues like recruiting and managing corporate talents, but they also need to act throughout all phases of the employees life cycle, including separation, while maintaining a good corporate climate and the image of a socially responsible organisation. Supporting the company’s change and transformation has definitely become a major challenge.

Talentia HCM is the modular, upgradable solution that enables companies to better manage, hire, motivate, develop and earn the loyalty of their talents ad of all their human capital, from recruitment to training to monitoring skills, wages and careers, to managing resources in their entirety.

… and performance management to enable HRMs to be true business partners.

A successful HRIS needs to provide HRMs with performance indicators-that will make them genuine business partners.

The HR Reporting and Decision-making tools are among the essential advantages of the Talentia HCM solution, with real-time access to information on all functions of the solution, from recruitment to performance management by way of training.

With just a few clicks, these user-friendly tools provide an instantaneous overview of all key HR information, improving the comprehension and use of strategic data.This facilitates making fast and effective decisions by creating customisable reports and giving a multidimensional view to analyses, in real time or long-term, through business intelligence modules.

At the heart of all economic, societal and social challenges, Talentia HCM is a powerful, collaborative solution with high added value, yet very accessible for occasional users thanks to widgets, for example, for managing recruitments, talents and skills, org charts, training, M/F parity, diversity and the age pyramid, grants and financing, etc.Business Intelligence modules let you model the organisation and evaluate changes in personnel expenses.

Backed by our expertise in our Clients’ business issues, our ambition is clearly to be an acknowledged expert in the management of human resources and Human Capital. We offer the companies we support software on the cutting edge of new technologies and practices, where collaboration and remote access on different terminals have become essential, along with services that include the latest developments, especially in terms of legislation.

François Guillaume, HRIS/HCM Expert Consultant Talentia Software

president-talentiaOur group is ideally positioned to support its Clients’ digital changeovers and the transformation of their business models through management that is increasingly better controlled, effective and value-creating by associating the human dimension with the company’s strategic and financial challenges. Together, we will combine our talents for strong and responsible growth.

Viviane Chaine-Ribeiro, President, Talentia Software

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