Improving performance, controlling costs and creating value through a flexible implementation approach.

We provide flexible support for your implementation whether your solutions are deployed internally or outsourced.

Your challenges of profitability and cost control require you to focus on your core business.Choose the approach best suited to your organization and achieve measurable benefits to enhancethe performance, reliability and availability of your information systems.

At Talentia, we provide day-to-day support for more than 3600 customers worldwide. The services we offer are based on a proven methodology, enabling optimum traceability and management during implementation.

The Talentia teams offer expertise in:

  • Designing, developing and maintaining a range of solutions for finance, accounting and human resources
  • Installing and configuring our solutions
  • Providing advice and consultation to support strategic decisions
  • Assisting in day-to-day operation of our systems
  • Remaining aligned with market trends and legislative changes.