Fnews Grand Prizes: Talentia Software receives the prize for best Small Cap external growth

Fnews Grand Prizes: Talentia Software receives the prize for best Small Cap external growth

At the 6th edition of the CFnews Grand Prizes, Talentia Software, a developer and implementer of business management software specialising in Financial Performance and Human Capital Management solutions, was awarded the prize for best external growth in its category. This award recognises Talentia Software’slatest acquisition, which accounts for the fifth external growth operation conducted in under six years by Talentia Software. The award highlights the path Talentia Software has travelled in tripling its turnover in less than six years.

This acquisition in fact involves a rare degree of synergy in terms of product lines, with HR and talent-management solutions harmoniously complementing the existing products of the group. It also provides a shift in geographic scope with a direct and indirect strengthening of geographic positions, mainly in Europe, and in the Americas. Relying on a combination of organic and external growth, the new group should reach up to 60 million euros of revenues by the end of 2013, thanks to the commitment and talent of its 430 employees distributed across eight countries.

In receiving this award, Viviane Chaine-Ribeiro, President of Talentia Software, thanked her teams and stated:“I think this success comes from three essential factors: 1) A well-constructed strategic plan with a very clear idea of the position we want to take the company to, while being able to seize opportunities,butwithout being distracted from our objectives; 2) Shareholders and partners who believe in you and bet on you while remaining very clear-headed: Lefebvre Software, now Talentia Software, received support from the Lefebvre and Sarrut families when it was just starting out, then CM CIC LBO Partners and Women Equity Partners with whom we share values of trust, dynamism and determination, in a serene environment; finally, we have worked with Bryan Garnier since the start, and his team supported us brilliantly in our various external-growth operations;and 3) Closely knit teams at all levels of the company, and talented individuals who value team ethicsover personal ego.

With this latest acquisition, the company recently took a new name, Talentia Software, to better reflect a meaningful international trademark, its unity around a common ambition: value creation for all of its stakeholders, and responsible and sustainable growth around an ambitious, relevant and consistent plan.

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