Talentia’s management continues the group development and opts again for Private Equity with Argos Soditic

• Argos Soditic acquires a majority interest in the group’s share capital;
• Talentia’s management substantially increases its equity stake;
• Fondations Capital France sells its entire stake with success.

Talentia Software, publisher and integrator of specialised software for managing companies’ Operational Performance, announces a new chapter in its development with the arrival of Argos Soditic as majority shareholder, together with a substantial increase in management’s stake in the capital structure. Fondations Capital France that accompanied Talentia’s development since 2011 has decided to value its participation and sells its shares with success.

After an LMBO in October 2011, Talentia Software demonstrated its positive momentum and ability to establish the group abroad. The group achieved revenue of €54.3 million in 2014, including 25% abroad, representing growth of nearly 30%. Talentia Software intends to continue its fast, profitable and lasting growth by confirming its aim to become a key European player in corporate operational performance.

argos_soditicArgos Soditic, an investment fund specialized in accelerating business growth, particularly through innovation, has extensive national and international experience, and a solid reputation. The fund will provide Talentia Software Group with the means to strengthen the excellence of its product offer, to speed up its organic growth in France and in Europe, to seize external growth opportunities, and to ensure development that creates significant value.

“After a successful growth phase with the support of Fondations Capital France and that of its representative, Gontran Duchesne, I am confident of our ability to grow and delighted to have found in Argos Soditic a team that understands our positioning. They have worked with us from an organic and external growth perspective, in addition to supporting the strengthening of our R&D capabilities. As such, they will enable us to provide our customers with an increasingly effective and global product range,” said Viviane Chaine-Ribeiro, President of Talentia Software.

Louis Godron, Chairman of Argos Soditic, concluded as follows: “The work accomplished in recent months with Talentia’s teams validated the products quality and Talentia’s customers’ exceptional satisfaction rate. On theses solid foundations, we have built with the management an offensive plan to accelerate growth: increased R&D efforts starting this quarter, increased sales efficiency on key markets and pursuing of an active external growth strategy in France as in neighbouring countries. And we will provide Argos Soditic’s resources to achieve this plan. “