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Talentia Software is a leading international supplier of business software solutions specializing in Corporate Performance Management (consolidation, reporting and budgeting) and Human Capital Management (HR, talent management and payroll).

The group supports more than 3600 customers in over 30 countries, ranging from SMEs to large international organizations.

Talentia is totally dedicated to providing its customers with the highest level of service.


Talentia Software, previously known as Lefebvre Software, was established more than 25 years ago.The company has grown continuously since 2007, with the arrival of a new management team and a leveraged management buyout in October 2011.

In the last 6 years, 5 companies have joined the group. Carefully considered and strategic acquisitions have strengthened the company both in terms of products and services and its international presence.

  • 2007: SCOD (Finance)
  • 2009: ASGroupe (Consolidation, reporting, budgetary preparation)
  • 2010: Arcole (Finance, payroll-HR)
  • 2012: Prism (Finance, payroll-HR)
  • 2013: Cezanne Software Holding Limited (HR and Talent Management)

Talentia Software is continuing to grow with its customers in each of its markets, and forming partnerships with distributors to extend its reach.

Talentia Software is the ideal partner for supporting companies in their ongoing quest to improve HR and Financial performance.