Talentia Software participate to the next HR Tech World Congress

Talentia Software participate to the next HR Tech World Congress

Talentia Software participate to the next HR Tech World Congress
which will be held in London on March 15th and 16th

Talentia Software will be one of the Spring HRTech World Congress Sponsor and excited to be part of this global HR Event !

Our teams we be delighted to meet with you during these two days and to welcome you on their Stand #404

Take also the opportunity to attend our product demo on Wednesday 16th | 11 :30 am with our HR Expert consultant – Fabio Cardilli on the following thematic : « Three tips for effective Talent Management : Holistic, Agile and collaborative »

Modern and effective Talent Management should consider that the world in changing rapidly and so it happens to the business. Implementing predictive and reactive human resources strategies to cope with these changes is key for success. At the same time, effective Human Resource Management cannot be any longer an HR centric priority, but has to be collaborative and distributed to capture real needs and opportunities from People who know their employees the most, their managers. IT role is to support a holistic approach to Talent Management, capturing data from multiple HR processes and transforming data into recommendations.

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Talentia’s management continues the group development

Talentia’s management continues the group development

Talentia's management continues the group development and opts again for Private Equity with Argos Soditic

Argos Soditic acquires a majority interest in the group’s share capital;
Talentia’s management substantially increases its equity stake;
Fondations Capital France sells its entire stake with success.

Talentia Software, publisher and integrator of specialised software for managing companies’ Operational Performance, announces a new chapter in its development with the arrival of Argos Soditic as majority shareholder, together with a substantial increase in management’s stake in the capital structure. Fondations Capital France that accompanied Talentia’s development since 2011 has decided to value its participation and sells its shares with success.

After an LMBO in October 2011, Talentia Software demonstrated its positive momentum and ability to establish the group abroad. The group achieved revenue of €54.3 million in 2014, including 25% abroad, representing growth of nearly 30%. Talentia Software intends to continue its fast, profitable and lasting growth by confirming its aim to become a key European player in corporate operational performance.

Argos Soditic, an investment fund specialized in accelerating business growth, particularly through innovation, has extensive national and international experience, and a solid reputation. The fund will provide Talentia Software Group with the means to strengthen the excellence of its product offer, to speed up its organic growth in France and in Europe, to seize external growth opportunities, and to ensure development that creates significant value.

“After a successful growth phase with the support of Fondations Capital France and that of its representative, Gontran Duchesne, I am confident of our ability to grow and delighted to have found in Argos Soditic a team that understands our positioning. They have worked with us from an organic and external growth perspective, in addition to supporting the strengthening of our R&D capabilities. As such, they will enable us to provide our customers with an increasingly effective and global product range,” said Viviane Chaine-Ribeiro, President of Talentia Software.
Viviane Chaine-Ribeiro, President of Talentia Software
Gontran Duchesne, Managing director of Fondations Capital France, is also pleased with this development: “Talentia Software has enjoyed impressive growth over the past four years, increasing its revenue by nearly 30% and achieving substantial development in Europe, which now accounts for 25% of the group’s revenue. Moreover, the group has cleverly consolidated its offer around its two major specialities, finance and human resources, and boasts products that comply with the highest standards. This was achieved both through organic growth and via two acquisitions carried out in a timely and successful manner. Lastly and most importantly, the company is led by an excellent and united management team, thanks to the many talents of Viviane Chaine-Ribeiro, who – after a remarkable turnaround in 2007 – brought long-term vision and operational excellence to the group, driven by very strong values. We are very pleased with this fruitful collaboration and the company now has everything it needs to continue its successful expansion.”
Gontran Duchesne, Managing director of Fondations Capital France
Louis Godron, Chairman of Argos Soditic, concluded as follows: “The work accomplished in recent months with Talentia’s teams validated the products quality and Talentia’s customers’ exceptional satisfaction rate. On theses solid foundations, we have built with the management an offensive plan to accelerate growth: increased R&D efforts starting this quarter, increased sales efficiency on key markets and pursuing of an active external growth strategy in France as in neighbouring countries. And we will provide Argos Soditic’s resources to achieve this plan. “
Louis Godron, Chairman of Argos Soditic

The investment bank Bryan, Garnier & Co, which has supported Talentia Software since its first acquisitions in 2007, followed by its LMBO in 2011, was naturally appointed to manage this transaction.

About Talentia Software (www.talentia-software.com/en/www.talentia-software.co.uk/)

Talentia Software is a leading international supplier of HR and finance software solutions, with over 25 years’ experience striving to always deliver the best possible service to customers worldwide. The product range includes Human Capital Management solutions with Talentia HCM, and Corporate Performance Management solutions with Talentia CPM (consolidation, reporting and budgeting). The group supports more than 3600 customers in over 30 countries, ranging from SMEs to large international organisations. Located in the UK, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Greece, together with a network of partners across Europe, the USA, South America, Australia, Asia and Africa, Talentia delivers and supports customers globally.

About Argos Soditic (www.argos-soditic.com)

Created in 1989, Argos Soditic is an independent European Private Equity firm with offices in Milan, Paris, Geneva and Brussels. Argos Soditic focuses on management buy-outs, buy-ins, Bimbo, spin-off, in small and medium sized companies.

The group of funds managed by the firm (€700m) typically take majority stakes ranging from €10m to €60m. Since its creation, Argos Soditic has carried out more than 60 transactions focusing on mana­gement buy-outs and buy-ins in small and medium companies.

The firm has developed a track record of unusual, complex and off-market transactions where the firm’s combination of local presence and international experience is able to add value to the small and medium-sized businesses it invests in.

The fund Argos Soditic VI (€400m) raised in 2011 has allowed the completion of 12 transactions as of today, the last one being the privatization of B Logistics in Belgium on October 7th 2015.

About Fondations Capital France (www.fondationscapital.com)

Part of Fondations Capital group, Fondations Capital France (formerly FC LBO Partners) is a French management company specialized in mid-market LBO operations. Created in 2004, the company manages over €300 million of assets through two funds (LBO Partners Fund and LBO Partners Fund II) and supports growth companies as a reference shareholder, with a strong focus on technology, software and healthcare, complementing a historical experience in distribution, BtoB and BtoC services. Since inception, LBO Partners Fund and LBO Partners Fund II completed fifteen acquisitions and eleven exits. Since beginning 2015, 4 divestments have been conducted for a global cash multiple above 2x.

Fondations Capital France is part of Fondations Capital, an independent asset management company specializing in private equity with a total of €600 million under management dedicated to majority investments within medium-sized companies. The Fondations Capital’s portfolio companies represent a combined turnover of €1.2 billion and 15,000 employees. As a professional and responsible shareholder, Fondations Capital focuses on value creation through innovation, international development and acquisitions, building on the strengths and expertise of its portfolio companies.