Ambitions, Challenges and Outlook: Always provide superior support and guidance in the rollout of companies’ digital changeovers and the transformation of business models by offering Corporate Performance Management (CPM) and Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions

Ambitions, Challenges and Outlook: Always provide superior support and guidance in the rollout of companies’ digital changeovers and the transformation of business models by offering Corporate Performance Management (CPM) and Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions

In the wake of an acquisition earlier this year that enhanced its European presence along with its line of solutions associated with Human Resources administration and talent management, as well as a change in name on April 22 to become Talentia Software, the Company has positioned itself as a key player in supporting SMBs and large groups’ digital changeovers and the transformation of business models with a new motto: “In every company, there is always room for progress.

team-perrierFor Philippe Perier, Deputy Managing Director in charge of Research and Development:

Clearly our ambition is to be a go-to expert in finance and human resources, by offering the companies we support cutting-edge software solutions that are perferctly aligned with new ways of working while on the go, in a more collaborative approach, along with a complete range of services that incorporate all the latest features, especially in terms of practices and regulations. Real technology has to be transparent to the user, and merely a means for operational users to gain real-time access to reliable and secure information, including while on the move. Our solutions are also collaborative in response to the needs of multisite and especially international companies. They are also completely in line with the new practices introduced by the younger generations.


Application Asset strong of two “diamonds”:

Talentia CPM (Corporate Performance Management) for managing financial performance and Talentia HCM (Human Capital Management) for optimised management of corporate talents

Talentia Software in fact offers a broad array of solutions centring on these two areas for managing the company’s performance:

  • Financial performance with Talentia CPM, offering management tools optimised for Consolidation, updated to keep abreast of changing regulations, by business area and by consolidation standards (US GAAP, IFRS), Strategic Financial Reporting featured with data-analysis systems (Business Intelligence), budget preparation with simulation modules and tools in order to improve Strategic Intelligence, Intercos, etc. Talentia line of solutions aimed at helping Decision-making process also includes audit, retrieval of data in a form allowing accounts indepth analysis as well as cash-flow tools.
  • Human Capital management performance with comprehensive Human Resources, Payroll and Time and Activities Management systems. Talentia HCM for its part helps manage recruiting, talents and skills, org charts, training, M/F parity, diversity and the age pyramid, grants and loans, etc. Business Intelligence modules also evaluate changes in personnel expenses, for example.

These are powerful solutions with strong added value that are perfectly suited to the business challenges companies are facing. Capable of supporting all SME and Large Accounts needs, Talentia offering is also modular so as to better match the needs of each company, taking into account the various stages in its development.

Talentia Cloud and Talentia SaaS, at the leading edge of new forms of consumption and new practices

Much like uncut diamonds, the Corporate Performance Management (CPM) and Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions from Talentia Software are designed to incorporate all the latest technological and regulatory changes, as well as new ways of “consuming” and managing information: in particular in collaborative or delegation mode, where everyone provides and incorporates information directely in the accounting system, in access everywhere mode, and in real time.

New technologies and trends speeding up towards more exchange and more collaboration leads to:

  • Ergonomicevolutionswith user interfaces offering a more comprehensive view to enable occasional and more specialised users to interact in a top-down and bottom-up mode, with comments addition. In the same way, control panels allow more or less expanded rights depending on global or territory responsibilities. An entire line of powerful, user-friendly tools, enhanced by Business Intelligence modules;
  • Reliable, secure, real-time information is made available, including in mobility situations, on your computer in licence mode, or in the Cloud through a 100% secure hosting system, or a blend of the two, with a broad array of services associated with the SaaS mode.

Relying on its 25 years of expertise and perfect knowledge of its Clients’ business issues, Talentia Software conducts a regulatory and legislative watch and can incorporate the new data into its Clients’ systems through on-site or remote parametring.

The start of a new era for the company

Buoyed by its new European position, and despite a still sluggish economic environment, the company’s turnover is projected to reach €56M by the end of 2013, i.e. a 20% rise over 2012.

president-talentiaI am very proud of these results, which come as much from the talent and energy put forth by our Associates as from our line of solutions and services at the cutting edge of new technologies and the latest regulatory and societal changes. Our group isideally positioned to support its Clients’ digital changeovers and the transformation of business models through management software solutions that perfectly link the human dimension with the company’s strategic and financial challenges. Together, we are going to combine our Talents for strong, responsible and innovative growth”, concluded

Viviane Chaine-Ribeiro, CEO of Talentia Software.

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