Producing quicker results and cash and cost management deserves a new direction.

By choosing the Talentia Finance solution, you will have a complete and proactive overview of the company’s economic information allowing you to undertake more detailed analysis, anticipate trends in order to make better, more informed decisions.

Transformed and adapted to international regulations and standards, Talentia Finance allows you to progress according to your requirements and your growth and guarantees you a rapid and measurable ROI.

CPM - Consolidation

Corporate governance, strategic management, performance indicator monitoring requires thinking outside of the box.

By choosing Talentia CPM, a unique full web corporate performance management platform, you will have a benchmark solution for consolidation, reporting, budgeting and dashboard analysis.

With Talentia CPM:

  • benefit from pertinent and reliable performance indicators to guide your strategic decisions and obtain a single view of business information.
  • automate and reduce your reporting lead times,
  • make your financial communication more reliable,
  • have a collaborative solution to assess and analyse performance, thus enabling better decisions.


Human Resource Management: Flexible and strategic HR and Talent management software

Improve and simplify the process for optimal management of your Human Capital using Talentia HCM. As a modular web-based solution, Talentia HCM is fully scalable and has been designed to be easy to use with clear logical navigation and familiar browser functionality.

Talentia HCM has been developed from the ground up for local and international deployment. Its rich functional footprint can be tailored to support local HR requirements, which makes Talentia HCM an ideal choice for your global HR software needs.

Talentia Software: the leading supplier of integrated HR and Talent Software solutions.

Integrated Services

Improved efficiency, cost management, value creation etc. and unsuspected implementation flexibility

Our job as a developer/integrator is to provide you with flexible implementation assistance whether your solutions are deployed for use internally or outsourced.

Your profitability and cost management challenges naturally lead you to focus on the core activities of your business. By choosing services from Talentia Software that are adapted to the needs of your organisation you obtain benefits that can be measured quickly and deliver the efficiency, reliability and availability of your information system needed to support you.

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